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St. Mary of Zion Prayer at Golgotha

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The material contained in the book on the images of Christ and His Holy Mother is consistent with St. Mary of Zion of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.  The Ethiopian Tewahedo Church has been established in antiquity and the images has been in existence before the 13th century. As one of the first Christian Churches established in the world, they have continued to use these images which originated in Ethiopia.

The image was in use and is one of the main icons in the Church Service and worship. It is from this image of St. Mary of Zion that all other images have been copied. Over time the image has changed in many ways in form and color in other Nations in the world today. Therefore, the image displayed on the cover of this book should be study of its ancient presence among us and accept its blessing as in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and for the purpose of publishing. Studying this ancient information to share the truth about St. Mary of Zion and Her beloved Son needs no great degree of knowledge from anyone, as this has been taking place long before the

Establishment of Western Christianity, St. Mary of Zion has also symbolizes many of the hidden mystery in the Holy Bible and would marvel many of the hidden Divine mystery She plays on the behalf of human salvation.

Therefore if anyone requires any further information and to learn more about Our Lady St. Mary of Zion, please do not hesitate to make contact  to the church of which one’s will fine the ancient truth of Christ and His Holy mother.

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