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This book is an introduction to a series of 14 other books based on the Ethiopic Legends of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her mother Hanna. This book covers topics; The Description of the Virgin Mary, The cult of Isis and the Adoration of the Virgin Mary compared, Ethiopic literature of the Virgin Mary and more.
Ethiopic Legends of The Blessed Virgin Mary
The material contained in the book on the images of Christ and His Holy Mother is consistent with St. Mary of Zion of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.  The Ethiopian Tewahedo Church has been established in antiquity and the images has been in existence before the 13th century. As one of the first Christian Churches established in the world, they have continued to use these images which originated in Ethiopia.
St. Mary of Zion Prayer at Golgotha
This Ethiopian Orthodox liturgy book shows the structure and practices of the church and includes the English translation of the preparatory services, All 14 Anaphoras and the Covenant prayers of the church. This book of Liturgy of the Ethiopian Church has been translated from Ge'ez into English and printed by the order of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopian, and with good will of His Beatitude Abuna Basilios.
Liturgy of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church
In this book you will read theological discussions on the subjects of:
Comparative Theology by Pope Shenouda III
The Daily Prayer book is a book that will support your spirituality. There are a selection of daily and sessional prayers. This book is a must have for all Christians.
Daily Prayer Book
This book written by the late Abuna Yesshaq is an extremely interesting read. South Africa – land of the Martyrs covers topics such as; South Africa’s struggle for freedom, peace in South Africa, The battle in Cape Town, the mission of the Church and nations who have been the fountainhead of civilisation.
South Africa - Land of Martyrs
Of the lands and people of the Middle East and North-Eastern Africa mentioned in the Holy Scriptures and in ancient historical documents and on which light has been shed by various archaeological discoveries, Ethiopia and the Ethiopians occupy a leading place. In order to understand this clearly, one has to look into various sources. Who are the Ethiopians? Where does their geographical location lie? These are some of the questions to be raised. No doubt, the answer to these questions are found in the texts and interpretations of the Holy Scriptures, in ancient history documents and in archaeological findings.
Todays Ethiopia is Ethiopia of the Holy scriptures, History and Antiquity (English & Amharic)
This book is a complete programme for Suffering Friday (Good Friday). The suffering Friday booklet offers English translations from the ancient Ge'ez text. The book also has English phonetics which enables the reader to participate in the whole programme.
Suffering Friday Booklet
It is a fact that the sacrament of baptism has its basis in the missionary command of Jesus Christ after His resurrection (Matt. 28: 19); nevertheless, it came to be administered only after the descent of the Holy Ghost on Whitsunday. Therefore, Christian baptism, which is the acknowledged, universal and essential rite of our entry into the membership of the church, the Body of Christ, and the first of the sacraments, began on the day of Pentecost. This day is thought to be the birthday of the Christian Church.
The problem of Infant Baptism

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