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Konjo Arts

Konjo is an Ethiopian word for beautiful!!!

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Thanks be to the Lord, the Saviour/Egziabhier, infinite and omnipresent. Thou knowest all things and has lead me by thy will to paint these Holy icons of Ethiopias greatness and antiquity. May thy continual blessing be over these humble works I submit to your care.


I would like thank his Holiness the late Abune Paulos, for giving me the opportunity to study in Ethiopia. I would like to also thank everyone that believed in me. Konjo is the word!

Kes Gabez Haile Maskel

Konjo Art was formed in 1995 by the then Deacon Haile Maskel and now Kes Gabez Haile Maskel Samuels who is a priest of Tserha Tsion St Mary of Zion church, A parish of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church based in the UK. After studying in Ethiopia in1993 following a scholarship to study, the faith, culture and tradition of this church, which was completed successfully, he then returned to the UK to serve.


Whilst studying in Ethiopia, he was introduced to a number of Church Artists who had their studios within the church compound, as is customary. The artists taught him how to compose and paint spiritual icons. Since icons are considered holy, preparation work must be done before, during and after, and must follow the dogma and theological teachings of the church. After completing a book of icons, he decided therefore to develop more artwork, and after careful thought decided to embark upon a five year project of Ethiopic icons. In order that those in the western hemisphere, may also share in the beauty and arts that have exiisted for over 3,000 year, pre-dating to King Davids time, following the conversion of the Queen of Sheba to Judaism. The artist has committed himself to producing oil paintings, water colour and acrylic works of a standard that befits the name, to provide those of the faith and art lovers, with the chance to buy spiritual arts.



Icons on sale from 18/03/2017